Welcome Railroad Fans!

Well first off a simple declaration. Railroad Historian is not by any means the authority in Railroad History. All images on the site are credited to the corresponding Railroad Companies. We are simply out to provide multimedia and references to our favorite Train related resources. Whether it be for History, Model Railroading, or just something fun to look at.

Why did we start the site? Well it started years ago when my Grandparents Neighbor so graciously gave me several binders full of historical photographs of trains her late Husband had collected. Much of which are copies sent to him from the individual Rail Companies in the the early 1940’s. This really spawned my love for trains. Honestly what child, young or old, is not fascinated by these great machines. So all these years later I though to myself, what am I going to do with them all. No way I would trash them, but I have enjoyed them already. So how could I share? Then it hits me! I start to scan them to a digital format and restore them slightly. After hours of scanning rather than waste all the time merely for a few friends and family’s benefit, I decided to build a website, accessible to thousand if not millions, to display them.

So here we are. A small but enjoyable dream come to fruition!

On a final note we do realize we might make mistakes and post inaccurate information and if we do we are open to our visitors suggestions and contributions.

With our kindest regards we hope you enjoy the site and continue to visit us and watch the site grow.

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